Cigar Review: Drew Estate’s Unico Series Papas Fritas

Cigar Review: Drew Estate Unico Series Papas Fritas

Made by: La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro

Binder: Brazillian Mata Fina

Filler: Nicaraguan and Honduran

Ring Gauge: 44

Length: 4.5”

I paired the Drew Estate Unico Series Papas Fritas with Kill the Farm Boy because I thought a mixed filler smoke would go perfectly with a fun, quick romp mixing up the traditional tropes of Chosen One fantasy novels. While the novel disappointed, you can read about that here, the cigar decidedly did not. The mixed filler comes from tobacco trimmings created by the production of other Liga Privada favorites. Indeed, it reminds me most of their Flying Pig and Dirty Rat cigars but before we get intimate with how it tastes, let’s judge it for its looks.

Individually wrapped in cellophane with a band standard to Liga Privada branding at the foot instead of its traditional placement, the cigar is ruggedly handsome. The maduro wrapper is a veiny, dark brown, quite oily, wearing a cap with a distinct pigtail. When handling it, the Papas Fritas is firmly packed, with only a slight give accommodating my questing fingers. It smells like molasses and pepper. Delightful.

The cigar lights easily and has a smooth, even draw that starts off as promised, with strong overtones of black pepper and molasses, a hint of cocoa. The smoke is prodigious, as you would expect of a cigar with a Liga Privada pedigree. The ash is perfectly matched, hanging on at about ¾” in an alluring manner.

After the first ash is dashed away, I get down to business, reaching the middle of my fling with this mini-stogie. At this point, it’s a smoky, earthy, dark taste in my mouth now, with still enough spice to keep it from becoming emo. I have to take this one all the way to the nub, where it rewards me with a mix of sweet chocolate, a taste of coffee, and something savory that lingers on the tongue after I’ve finished it off.

I had to have four of them with my book because just like any other fry, I couldn’t have just one.  Each lasted an amazing hour despite their short stature.  Delighting in the affair of smoking helped encourage me to finish reading Kill the Farm Boy. As did drinking the Cooper’s Croze, which I will be reviewing in a near future post.

Overall, the smoking experience is well worth repeating. This small stature, big taste cigar is a great medium to full bodied smoke for introducing your friends to. Or to keep all to yourself.

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