Introduction: Rob Kaz

The gangs all hereToday I would like to introduce you to a different kind of artist, one known more for an animated and whimsical style, Rob Kaz.

Born in 1978, Rob Kaz initially grew up thinking he would be in law enforcement, even graduating from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Criminal Justice. Luckily for us, fate had different plans for Rob and he was unable to find employment in federal law enforcement. Instead, his hobby and talent was spotted and he was hired on as a color key in an animation gallery.Places I'd Rather Be

Rob found himself working in multiple boutique animation studios that were established because Disney closed their Florida-based studios and some artists decided not to relocate. The influence of these artists is still evident, as can be seen in his character creation and the environments of his painting style.

I met Rob in 2018 at the Epcot Festival of the Arts. He was working on an original Disneypainting of Beau, a tiny green frog who stars in his collection of art called “Friends Along the Way.” Rob told me Beau was inspired by a tiny frog that used to regularly visit the area outside his window while he worked at EA (Electronic Arts) Tiburon creating likenesses in games such as Madden.

Beau and his friends created, for me, an element of wonder and whimsy that was somehow comforting. I perused his wares at the Festival and discovered his series of paintings called “Places I’d Rather Be,” which instill a sense of longing with his brilliant use of lighting to create emotion. He is, of course, also licensed to paint for Disney, as well as Pixar, Lucasfilm and Warner Bros. Under these licenses he brings a new perspective that expands on characters and images already well loved.

His animated style may seem simplistic, but his sophisticated use of lighting and color in LucasFilmcombination with composition are evocative of captured emotions within a moment that tell an entire story. I hope this brief look at Rob Kaz and his fine art style will have you taking a closer look. You can find more of his fun creations and what he is up to here, or by following his Facebook page.

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