Pairing Review: The Four Suitors, Montecristo Platinum, & Disaronno

I paired The Four Suitors with a Montecristo Platinum in honor of the royalty involved in the story and a Disaronno for its low ABV, given that it’s a young adult novel. Not interested in a pairing review? Read traditional, individual reviews here: The Four Suitors, Montecristo Platinum, and Disaronno.

Sophie Jupillat Posey’s young adult fantasy novel is full of strong characters with passionate personalities. Specifically, the heroine, Princess Laetitia, who gives her four suitors a difficult time as they try to win her heart. The princess is a fiery and independent young woman forced to grow up through the contrivance of a forced marriage and uncovered corruption and disease running rampant in the kingdom. Beneath it all though, she has a sweetness that shines through and allows her to learn life’s lessons.

The Montecristo Platinum has an ash as tenacious as the princess and has a tighter draw that causes me to fight the smoke much the same way the heroine fights against the fate forced upon her in having to choose to marry someone she doesn’t know. The burn line is even though and there was no need to touch up or relight. There’s an average amount of smoke and this is well paired with the story for its many obscure mysteries that must be solved. There’s a hint of wood and earthiness that matches the heart of the princess and a constant taste of cocoa throughout.

The Disaronno is particularly well matched to the young adult novel for its low alcohol content. Its sweet taste compliments the wholesome undertones of this coming of age story. An almond tasting cordial, vanilla tones are also noticeable within the cordial. There’s also a secret recipe of herbs and fruits, along with apricot kernel oil that make up the drink. Like the heroine and her four suitors there is more to them than is immediately evident and you must sip at it to get the full effect.

All in all, despite the oddness of pairing a young adult novel with a cigar and liquor, the disparate parts came together as a nice whole. While I would not recommend the pairing for the intended audience of the book, I would recommend it to any of the parents of those who would read it.

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