Artist Introduction: Lara Zombie

Zombie CatzillaKnown for her characteristic, self-described style of Grunge Art, Lara Zombie is a self-taught artist from Russia. This painting style is unique blend of street art and grunge influence. She has exhibited in galleries in Los Angeles, Toronto, New York, and, of course, her native Russia. Her self-taught style is raw and already an unmistakable trademark in the urban art scene.

Zombie is heavily influenced by music. She was first noticed for her representations of the band members of Gorillaz and many of her works are inspired by songs and lyrics from her favorite bands. Indeed, in addition to the mural sized Mr. Tiger that I own, the shadow box styleZombie Mr Tiger print I have of her work is one of Tom Waits. She has effectively used social media platforms to circulate her work online and has gained a massive following of fans over the past few years.

Zombie uses vibrant and bold watercolors to depict pop-culture subjects and themes, which are sometimes laced with scathing social commentary. Her style is childlike, almost cartoonish and is in sharp contrast to her subject matter.Zombie Rainy

I feel that the bleeding watercolors that she uses in the majority of her work create a chaotic and uncomfortable feeling as often as they enhance the sense of the ethereal and magical qualities of childhood. The dripping paint that smears down the surface of her work is combined with a careful and precise pencil or penwork. The overall effect, to me, is both beautiful and sometimes disturbing, often with a humorous twist.


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