Sips Review: Glenfiddich 12 Year

  • Glenfiddich 12 Year
  • Distiller: Glenfiddich
  • Single Malt
  • Region: Speyside
  • Cask: American oak ex-bourbon, European oak ex-sherry
  • ABV: 40%


This classic was the winner of a gold medal at the 2007 International Wine and Spirit Competition. Glenfiddich is a family own distillery that still warehouses all whiskey on site and has their own cooperage and bottling plant. The Glenfiddich 12 Year comes in the signature Glenfiddich boxing of a rounded triangle. The bottle is green but the liquid within is a golden honey color. Upon uncorking it I am met with the smell of orchard fruits, malt and honey. It promises to be fruity in taste and well balanced.

It delivers on its promise with the characteristic sweetness of Glenfiddich with fruity and floral notes on first taste. This develops into butterscotch, with a touch of oak. It has a delightful oiliness to it on the mouth. There is a long mellow and smooth sort of finish to the drink. The finish is a bit brief but it is a good one.

It’s easy to tell why this typical Glenfiddich Speyside Scotch is considered a benchmark drink and is so very much a staple in a well-stocked bar. It’s easy to drink and fairly complex but not overwhelmingly so. This drink would go well with an afternoon of indulgent fruits and jams on crackers and breads. It would go well with a light dinner. It seems a versatile and reliable drink which I would recommend to anyone with a taste for the floral and fruity Scotches.

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