Did You Know: Your Liquor and Glassware

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  1. Red Wine Glass: This glass has a long stem to keep your hand from getting the wine too warm and has a large, round bowl to be able to swirl the wine so that it will aerate
  2. White Wine Glass: This glass is smaller because you don’t want white wine to oxidize too quickly. The smaller aeration area helps keep white wines’ flavor profile from eroding.
  3. Flute Glass: Sparkling wine needs to preserve its bubbles so it has a smaller opening to keep it from going too flat too quickly.cocktail glasses.PNG
  4. Cocktail Glass: This classic glass comes in a variety of sizes and is to serve cocktails that don’t require ice. The wide mouth allows you to get a better whiff of the aromatic scents associated with a cocktail.
  5. Highball Glass: This tumbler is to serve ‘tall’ drinks or other mixed drinks which feature a large portion of a non-alcoholic mixer and ice.
  6. Lowball Glass: This is just a shorter tumbler with a more solid base because the drinks it serves usually require some muddling. However, they serve neat or clean drinks equally well.Specialty Glassware 1.PNG
  7. Irish Coffee Glass: This glass is made with a heat resistant glass and comes with a handle to allow you to comfortably hold the drink, which is traditionally served warm or hot.
  8. Hurricane Glass: Named after the cocktail, which was originally served in hurricane lamp shaped glasses, and a popular choice in New Orleans ever since the 1940s.
  9. Martini Glass: Specifically for martinis, which differ from a normal cocktail glass by having an even larger bowl and a more conical bottom.Specialty Glassware 2.PNG
  10. Margarita Glass: Specifically for margaritas, a variant of the traditional cocktail glass.
  11. Whiskey Glass: A derivative of traditional nosing glasses used by master blenders. It has a wide bowl to show off color and aroma but also a tapered mouth for easier drinking.
  12. Snifter Glass: Has a short stem to allow cradling in the hand to warm the drink. It has a large bowl for swirling and aeration but the shorter mouth traps aromas so they are more prominent.

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