Artist Introduction: Josephine Wall

Josephine Wall_art.PNGToday I’d like to introduce you to Josephine Wall. An artist since childhood her art is a never ending cascade storytelling in light and color. Born in May of 1947 in the English town of Farnham in Surrey, she now lives in Dorset with her husband Bob. She has been painting all her life and her artistic style has gone through many stages to come to the images she is now most well known for.

She trained at Bournemouth and Poole College of Art, after which she was employed by Poole Pottery where she contributed to Delphis ware, a now highly collectable range of dishes. Today her main love of painting has also come to encompass pottery figures, sculpture and reproduction stained glass panels. You might be familiar with some of her paintings via jigsaw puzzles, which is how I first discovered her.Josephine Wall_Tiger Moth.PNG

She works mostly with acrylic paint and her inspiration comes from everywhere and she often wonders if she will ever produce all the art she has in mind. She becomes anxious to paint when spending too much time away from her easel and the love she has for her art shows in the textured and colorful effects. Her art is highly influenced by the illustrative talents of Arthur Rackham, the romanticism of the Pre-Ralphaelites, and the surrealism of Salvador Dali.

Josephine Wall_Time FliesThere is a certain fascination with the strange and wonderful in the way she places unrelated images together. There’s a whimsical escapism of her art, a high fantasy and imaginative surrealism. She uses her art to portray images of how life could and should be. Her art is driven by a desire to preserve all that is good, the nature, the joy, and the beauty of the world. She portrays a simple but profound message with the art she so enjoys gifting the world with.


  1. These are wonderful, thank you for sharing. It is almost as though she has several narratives within the detailed imagery of each painting, along with the story the piece as a whole tells. Beautiful.

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