Author Interview: Patricia Josephine

Today I’d like to introduce to you multi-talented author Patricia Josephine, also known as Patricia Lynne. She also paints, makes jewelry, cooks, and knits. Originally intending to be an artist, Patricia found herself following instead a daydreamed story that lead to another story, followed by many other stories.

Tell me about your newest novel.

My latest novel is a YA post-apocalyptic fantasy called Leaves of Fall. The world as we know has been destroyed by a war between man and nature. Humanity is huddled in their broken cities and trying to survive. When Armory is kidnapped by outlaws and taken far from her home, a tree nymph is the one to rescue her. Birch says he can get her home, but should she trust a tree?

Do you have anything new in the pipeline that readers can look forward to?

In May I’ll be releasing a collection of flash fiction about vampires, werewolves, and zombies called A Quick Bite…They started off as 100 word drabbles and I expanded them. They range from spooky to lighthearted and everything in between.

You write under two names, Patricia Josephine and Patricia Lynne. Can you tell me about your decision to do that and what the differences are in what type of books each name writes?

This came about because I don’t often think ahead like I should. I was getting ready to publish my novella series, Path of Angels, and I realized it was more adult orientated and having a different name for my adult stories might be a good idea. I wanted a way for people who were YA fans could see which books were YA and which books were adult easily. I came up with Patricia Josephine for my adult stories because when I was little I told my grandma I wanted to be called Patty Josephine for some reason I no longer remember.

Of all the stories you’ve written, do you have a favorite?

My first one, of course. Being Human is my first book and I adore Tommy and the characters. Plus, there’s vampires and you can’t go wrong with vampires.

If a reader has not read you before, which book do you recommend that they start with and why?

Being Human again. I’ve been told by people that I’ve done a unique take on the myth and even people who don’t like vampire stories have enjoyed it.

 Are you working on anything at the present you would like to share with your readers about?  

I’m working on a few stories. I have a series called Cursed Waters about 3 cursed mermaid sisters and their quest to break their curse. That will be under Patricia Josephine and I’m hoping to get the second book finished by the end of the year. Another story is a zombie story I originally posted on my Patreon. It was supposed to be a 100 word drabble, but turned into a 10K story. I set it in the current city I live in because there’s some features that are really good for fending off zombies. Lastly, I’m working on a rewrite of a YA I wrote after Being Human called Fated Forever. There’s vampires in this story, but not like the ones in Being Human. My muse doesn’t like to stay in one universe for long and enjoys coming up with new twists to myths and monsters.

Is there an over arching theme between books or is each going to be a stand alone? 

Most of them are stand-alone stories. Again, I blame my muse. She doesn’t like staying in one place too long. When I get a series idea, I get kind of excited. And stressed the rest of the books in the series will suck.

What comes first, the plot or the characters?

Characters for me. Sometimes I start writing and I have no idea where the story is going to go. I just have a character pop in my head and introduce themselves.

What is the most surprising thing you discovered while writing your book(s)?

That I can write. Honestly, in college, I got a D on a paper I had to write in college. I did not believe I could write my way out of a paperback. It was only when I was writing Being Human and decided people might enjoy the story that I put my nose to the grind and started learning about writing. I can confidently say I have improved. The first draft of Fated Forever really sucks as proof!

What were the key challenges you faced while writing this book?

I have a chronic illness and that leads to chronic fatigue, so my biggest issue is having the energy to think and write. I get worn out easily, too. Lately, I’ve been getting around it by creating a work schedule for my writing with times I clock in and out.

Where can readers find out more about you and your books?

You can find me at for my YA books and for my adult books. I’m also on Patreon, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.







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