Pairing Review: The Seven Deadly Sins Vol. 2, Pappy Van Winkle – Family Reserve, and Jameson

Having enjoyed The Seven Deadly Sins Vol 1 despite its overt sexual jokes, I decided I had enjoyed the introduction of the characters and the lay out of the plot and returned to the series to read The Seven Deadly Sins Vol 2. Having some idea as to how the reading would go, I paired Vol 2 with Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve and Jameson.

The fairy-tale quality of the story telling matched the fairy-tale sounding name of Pappy Van Winkle. The underlying sweetness of the cigar in it’s mocha flavors pairs well with the underlying sweetness of the main ensemble characters, especially Elizabeth. The good guys so far all have good intentions and resolve. The caramel and sugar flavors of the Family Reserve pair well with the vanilla tones of the Jameson, while the fruity flavors of the James pair well with the goofiness of the villains within Vol 2.

The plot has some depth to it, if no real arc, as an ongoing series it is just beginning to layer in some character depth. This definitely goes well with the Family Reserve, which is layered with evolving flavors as you move through the cigar. The simplistic nature of the story telling is mirrored by the straightforward honey and malt of Jameson – but if you take the time with the Jameson, you begin to taste the hints of oak and grassiness, so too if you take your time with the storyline do you begin to see its epic potential for a strong, character driven plot.

My overall impression of the pairing of the three is one of satisfaction. The small flying pig cigar is just long enough of a smoke for a graphic novel and the Jameson is a refreshing partner on a hot afternoon. Each is light and easy, with enough nuance to maintain interest and gratification. I definitely suggest you try this one yourself.

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