Sips Review: Jameson

  • Distiller: John Jameson & Son / Irish Distillers Limited @ Midleton
  • Irish Whiskey
  • Region: Ireland
  • ABV: 40%

Having been drinking the specialty versions of JamesonCooper’s Croze, Black Barrel, etc – I decided to return to the original and ensure that it was still a solid whiskey. In my personal opinion, it continues to be a quintessential Irish blend.

The bottle is green and the label is iconic. On opening the bottle, it smells of pears and ripe apples, a little bit of honey perhaps. Once poured, the liquor is a citrine color, pale gold. It looks and smells promising for a light indulgence in the middle of the day.

It’s appropriate for this hot afternoon because it is a light and clean tasting drink. It starts out tasting mostly of malt and vanilla, with strong notes of fruits. If you let it roll around your tongue for a moment, you can also taste some grassy notes and caramel in there.

The finish is short to medium length and pleasant either way. It tastes of honey and spices, a bit of oak and a lot of malt. Lingering tastes of butterscotch and chocolate remain on the tongue.

It’s an easy drink standing alone, lighter and creamier on the rocks. It is also a cooperative liquor for making mixed drinks, complimenting its partner tastes. All in all, you just can’t go wrong with this classic. I recommend it to those just starting out with exploring whiskey and those who have a long standing love for it. It’s refreshing taste is pleasing to most palates, however refined they may or may not be.

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  1. As an irishman, I fully agree! The distillery where it’s made is about 10 miles away from me, so I definitely recommend it

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