Sips Review: Crown Royal Black

  • Distiller: Crown Royal
  • Category: Canadian Whiskey
  • Region: Canada
  • ABV: 45%


I received a bottle of Crown Royal Black as a gift from my mother. The bottle is similar to the original Crown Royal, right down to the faux velvet bag, though in black instead of purple; the label is also slightly different. The blend has been around since 2010 and I understand has a slightly higher proof than the original (90 vs 80) and that it is aged more heavily in charred oak barrels for a period of three years.

Instead of the usual golden or citrine color I am used to, this whiskey is also slightly different in color. It is more of a deep amber color, leaning most decidedly towards a nut-brown. When I open the bottle there is a hefty amount of vanilla, a little of the oak barrels, a good dose of cinnamon for good measure.

I am expecting something robust in texture but the liquid is thin and watery seeming. It does not appear as promising as it smells. That said, I find the flavor is as robust as billed on the label. It is surprisingly dry and more complex than I expected after pouring it as well. There are notes of toffee and smokiness that chase the heavy vanilla and bourbon-like qualities. The middle is very sweet. It finishes quickly, bold and spicy with a splash of alcohol.

I find that I am surprised by how much I enjoy the whiskey. It is full and soft in body and I appreciate the more bourbon flavors it offers.  I’ve nearly finished the bottle and find that I prefer it on ice, it smooths out the alcohol finish more. It also gives a fun flavoring to my favorite mixed drink, the Old Fashioned. I would easily buy this again for my cabinet and turn to it as a regular choice.

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