Sips Review: Gentleman Jack

  • Distiller: Jack Daniel’s (Brown Forman)
  • Category: Tennessee Whiskey
  • Region: Tennessee, USA
  • ABV: 40%

Gentleman Jack undergoes a second maple charcoal mellowing in order to achieve more smoothness. It was inspired by the original gentleman distiller and founder of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey. The bottle is impressive in its simplicity and is easy for my smaller hands to hold and pour. The label is a flashy silver with stately lettering announcing the brand. The liquid inside is light amber and seems promising. It smells slightly spicy but also of vanilla, it is generally fine and inoffensive.

I pour a glass, swirl it around a moment, and sip to see what I can see. My first impression is that it’s a calm sort of drink. It has a gentle honey flavor to it, with a sweetness, a dash of woodsiness, and a minimum of alcohol. Further sipping reveals more of the vanilla with some amount of sweet nuttiness to it. There’s also a little mint to it, some pepper and a trace of corn. The finish is quick, with wood and a slight fruitiness.

I find the overall effect to be a mellow, very light and bright whiskey. It’s very much smooth to sip straight, not challenging to drink. I would recommend this to the novice to intermediate drinker, good to either sip straight or exceptional for mixing drinks.

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