Artist Introduction: Roman Verostko

Verostko_Coke ovens burning at nightI was first introduced toRoman Verostko through early paintings of his which hung in my grandfather’s house. I was intrigued by the historic details of life in a small coal mining town which Verostko’s art depicted. Then I learned that the distinctly different, whimsical art based on mathematical algorithms which also hung on the walls was the same artist.

Intrigued, I learned that Verostko was born September 12, 1929 and was originally named Joseph. He changed his name to Roman when he became a Benedictine monk at Saint Vincent Seminary. He left the monastery in 1968. He was a painter from very young but is best known for his code-generated imagery.

Verostko developed his own software which moves the drawing arm of a machine Verostko_Pearl Park Scripture Joriginally designed for engineering or architectural work, known as a pen plotter. Pen plotters normally do just that, draw with inks, but Verostko’s genius adapted brushes to fit the arm and even wrote interactive routines that mimic brush strokes with the plotter. In 1987 he furthered this accomplishment by integrating those expressive brush strokes with colorful clusters of pen strokes. In 1995 his inspired art helped him cofound the Algoristswith Jean-Pierre Hebert.

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