Sips Review: Talisker Storm

  • Distiller: Talisker
  • Category: Scotch
  • Region: Isle of Skye
  • ABV: 45.8%

I’ve ordered the Talisker Storm Highland Single Malt Scotch while at the local cigar lounge, while reading my book. The bottle pulled from display is tall with a deep golden colored liquid inside. The label is a rather busy looking but striking one, with a sea storm against the rocks for a background and stormy looking silver lettering declaring its name.

I understand the drink was released as a no age statement Scotch and matured in American oak casks. The Talisker distillery is the only one on the lonely Isle of Skye, off the western coast of the Highlands.

I sniff my glass and get a strong whiff of smokiness and brine. Perhaps some sweetness, a vanilla almost? I take a sip and it doesn’t punch me in the throat like I expect from the smell. Instead it is very peaty that turns into an earthiness. There’s definitely pepperiness, which I expected but it’s sweeter than I would have thought. There’s not really an oak taste like I expected from its maturing casks. It’s a thick drink and coats the inside of the mouth.

The finish doesn’t linger overlong. There’s still a sweetness to it that is an accompaniment to the smokiness of the drink.

I decide to try it with water and drop an ice cube in. It might have been too much. However, the water tames down the sweetness and makes the palate brighter, almost tart.

Overall, I like the Scotch. It seems well crafted with a balance of sweetness and smoke. A vibrant drink with definite character. I imagine a decanter would enhance the taste further. I imagine this would mix well with an old fashioned. I imagine that I might drink this again.

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