Sips Review: Lagavulin 12 Year

  • Distiller: Lagavulin
  • Cask: ex-Bourbon
  • Category: Scotch
  • Region: Islay
  • Aged: 12 years
  • ABV: 57.8%

I understand that the Lagavulin 12 is part of an annual limited edition release of Scotches by Lagavulin.  I’ve found it at the bar and decided to give it a try randomly because I like Islay Scotches. The bartender humors me and brings over the bottle so I can inspect it.

There’s a simple label full verbiage in the middle front and a second wrapped around the bottle under it, also full of verbiage. However, Lagavulin and 12 are prominent on the labels. The liquor itself is a golden, almost maple sort of color in the bottle. When I smell my glass there’s an intense amount of promised peat, vanilla, and smoke.

It goes down easy, a definitely full bodied drink. It’s thick and tastes like swallowing a smoldering bonfire. It’s positively delightful. The smoldering embers give way to caramels and smoke with a touch of oak. The finish is long, full of peat and wood and burnt sugar.

I determine I must have a few more to ensure I like it as much as I do. As it turns out, I’ll have to buy a bottle if I can find one. I thoroughly enjoyed this particular Scotch and recommend it. I imagine it will go well with a dark chocolate. I look forward to the day it sits in my cabinet.

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