Artist Introduction: Nano Lopez

Nano Lopez is from Bogota, Columbia and has shown his work and studied extensively Nano Lopez_Bobby (2)in Europe. He creates these amazing limited edition bronze sculptures using the “lost wax” method that dates all the way back to Egypt. These creations contain bright colors and incredible amounts of detail. He captures movement in a single moment in time.

His work is a cross between steampunk and surrealism almost. There is a meshing of nature and elements of machinery – a clockwork orange effect of nature that speaks volumes. However, his respect for living things and the whimsy of enjoying life for all that it holds is conveyed in each sculpture. I still don’t understand how he captures the sensation of an escapade either in progress or waiting to be had but he does. Shenanigans awaiting.

Nano Lopez_Samantha (2)Every time I see one of his sculptures I am inspired by the details, they add brilliant layers to the story being told in creation. I can get lost staring for hours, drinking in each little bit of the sculpture as it reveals itself to me. The tread of a cog across an elephant, a sweater and cap on a dog that makes it reminiscent of Sherlock Holmes about to embark on a mystery, the ice cream a dragon holds – everything brings something more to the table.

More than anything though, each piece is a delightful reflection of happiness and adventure. They embody a contemplative bit of sunshine that enhances the space it is in, wherever you place it. I say you couldn’t go wrong by adding one of these sculptures to any kind of collection of art that you have. It will enhance your home and your happiness in a million little ways.

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