Sips Review: Bushmills Original

  • Distiller: Bushmills
  • Category: Irish Blended Whiskey
  • Region: Ireland
  • ABV: 40%


The Bushmills Original is a blended Irish Whiskey, made of triple-distilled Bushmills single malt and column-still Irish grain whiskey. The malt is usually aged in first-fill ex-bourbon American oak barrels.

It smells of pepper, oatmeal, and coconut. It tastes very mild and light. It has a slightly creamy body, with the pepper hitting you upfront followed by a marshmallow taste. Overall it has the taste of bland breakfast cereal, with no real depth.

The finish is incredibly short but pleasant. It tastes of sugar and oats. It’s more interesting than the actual drink.

Overall, the drink goes down easy. It’s a single note sort of whiskey, easy to consume. I imagine it goes better as a mixer than anything I would consider for sipping. It’s kind of like a whiskey-light I would use to introduce a novice.

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