Book Review: The Four Suitors

  • Written by: Sophie Jupillat Posey
  • Series: N/A
  • ebook: 334 pages
  • Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
  • Publication Date: August 31, 2019
  • ASIN: B07W62533W
  • Genre: YA Fantasy


This is Sophie Jupillat Posey’s first published book, a fun young adult fantasy full of mystery and romance. I read it as an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review. The story revolves around fiery young Princess Laetitia and her exploits from a trouble making youth to a strong, rebellious young woman.

The plot is a basic one for a young adult novel where an independent young princess is forced to marry in order to reign in her wild ways and to be able to ascend the throne. Poser throws in an unexpected twist wherein she is not given leave to merely choose a suitor but is forced to choose between four specific suitors who will have the ability to determine her worthiness as a wife instead.

To do this, Princess Laetitia must prove her prowess in the ability to learn a craft in which each suitor specializes. However, all plans are derailed as a mysterious plague overtakes the peasantry. The plot continues to compound in excitement and intrigue from there as Laetitia discovers the illness permeates her kingdom in more than just a physical aspect.

The characters within the story are all passionate and bring to bear their personalities with no holds barred. Each suitor is distinct from the other and complement the princess in their own way. Laetitia fights them tooth and nail until circumstances teach her she cannot stand alone against the world. What Laetitia truly learns is what it means to be a strong adult woman who surrounds herself with those best suited to help her rule a kingdom.

This is an endearing coming of age story surrounded by adventure and life lessons in what it means to be a strong woman. Laetitia is an advantageous role model for young people as she grows and learns from her suitors not just their crafts and about love but how to be a good person and an effective leader.