Sips Review: Bulleit Bourbon

• Bulleit Bourbon
• Distiller: Diageo
• Straight Bourbon
• Region: Kentucky
• Mash: 68% Corn, 28% Rye, 4% Malted Barley
• ABV: 45%

Originally a rye whiskey, Bulleit Bourbon was sold to Diageo Brands where Tom Bulleit decided to make it a true bourbon, adjusting it to the mash it has today. It comes in a bottle reminiscent in shape to a flask. The liquid is a smoky amber color. There’s a wide red label on the bottom proclaiming this is a Frontier Whiskey distilled by The Bulleit Distilling Company; despite there being no Bulleit Distillery in existence. It’s actually made in the Four Roses distillery.

In my glass with no ice, it takes on an almost copper color. It smells richly of oaks and vanillas with a hint of caramel and spiciness. It is not as sweet as traditional bourbons, tasting more of wood and spices. In fact, the sweet caramel taste that it starts with quickly turns into a blast of peppery oak. Once past that spiciness, the drink itself is rather creamy with a slight hint of cinnamon.
The finish continues the way it started, with a punch of pepper spices and oak that outshine the more subtle flavors. If you concentrate you can taste the caramel and I think a hint of mintiness. The finish is straightforward and smooth, perhaps a little too harsh for it to be without a bit of ice to smooth out the flavors.
Overall, the bourbon is straightforward in its flavor profile from beginning to end. It’s something I would recommend to a friend who has an uncomplicated palate but not to anyone considering themselves a connoisseur of such things. While I would drink it myself, it’s not the type of bourbon I could reach for over and over again through the night without getting bored.


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