Sips Review: Dewar’s White Label

  • Dewar’s White Label
  • Blender: Dewar’s & Sons
  • Blended: Single Grain & Single Malt
  • Region: Perth
  • Cask: Ex-bourbon, ex-oloroso sherry
  • ABV: 40%


Started by wine & spirits merchant John Dewar Sr, Dewar’s took off after being taken over by his sons John Alexander and Tommy. Dewar’s White Label has been around for some time as well, being first created over a century ago by the Dewar’s master blender. There are around 40 different whiskies in the blend, including Aberfeldy, another in the Dewar’s line of Scotch. Dewar’s White Label though, is claimed to be the world’s most awarded blended Scotch whisky.

I bought a small bottle and while not unattractive it is not the most appealing. The liquor inside is a pale honey color and the label is a pale yellow with Dewar’s name prominently evident. When I open it, I am greeted immediately with sweetness and a slight floral quality that’s overpowered by honey.

It also has a definite honey flavor with soft hints of vanilla and flowers. It’s every bit as sweet to the taste as it is to the smell. It’s a medium bodied drink, smooth. The finish is a bit more dry than I would have expected and it has a surprising wheat flavor. There’s only barest hint of a bite.

I tried it several times, both with ice and without and prefer it with ice to open up the flavors and smooth out the finish even more. It’s a classic scotch flavor through and through, which makes it easily recommendable to someone new to the spirit who is still developing their palate. While considered one of the best selling blended Scotch’s in the US, I don’t believe I’ll be buying it again. However, if offered the drink socially, I would by no means turn my nose up at it. I simply found the overall drink to be a little too one dimensional for my preference.